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October 2016

Humility and Meekness

September 2016

God Works vs My Works

The book of Ephesians has two basic divisions. The 1st division (chapters 1-3) speaks of God’s great work of redemption for us. The 2nd division (chapters 4-6) speaks of our response to God’s great work for us.
Last time, we completed chapter 3, so today we will review chapters 1 - 3 and be reminded of lessons we’ve learned, so far, in our study of this great book of Ephesians.

Who Fights Your Battles

The Fullness of God

August 2016

Proud of Wisdom and Works

Closeness with God

Remember Life, BC

Remember your world before Christ was in your life?

Don’t Make Me Vomit

Revelation 3:14-22
Are you lukewarm? Find out what that question really means, in this Sunday morning message.
Additional verses: 2 Peter 3:9

July 2016

Saved by Grace

Revelation To Know God





Chains Be Broken
Terry Michaels, Victor Marx and Mercedes Miller speak about the Lord’s healing.
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